Finding Relief for Your Vertigo in Greenville SC

chiropractic care helps patients with vertigo

People who haven’t experienced vertigo in Greenville SC  don’t understand how bad it can be. When most people think of feeling “dizzy”, they remember a time they felt lightheaded. Vertigo is something more than this.

When you’re regularly experiencing vertigo, you can spend your time waiting for the next episode. Without proper care, you can feel helpless.

Many find vertigo relief with chiropractic care at LaBelle Chiropractic Center.

Vertigo Symptoms Explained By Greenville SC Chiropractor

While dizziness is one part of vertigo, those who experience it may also have headaches, nausea, sweating, and unsteady on their feet. The ground may feel like it is swaying or tilting. A ringing in the ears and some hearing loss is a common parts of vertigo, especially for those with vertigo as part of Meniere’s Disease. Jerking eye movement is another possible symptom.

Why Vertigo Happens

Vertigo can happen as part of a lot of different conditions. It typically is a sign of a problem with the inner ear. Your inner ear is responsible for your sense of balance and your spatial orientation. You may hear your doctor refer to it as your vestibular system.

Meniere’s Disease is commonly responsible for inner ear troubles. Another possible culprit is an ear infection causing inflammation.

Other common causes of vertigo include a disturbance or damage to the inner ear, disturbances in the nervous system pathways, or head or neck trauma.

Chiropractic Adjustments to Help Your Nervous System

Often, vertigo is a sign of trouble with your nervous system. Your nervous system travels along your spine. It sends signals from your brain to the body and back and forth. It also travels to your inner ear.

Your chiropractor will work on examining your entire spinal column. If any of the 24 vertebrae protecting your spine are out of alignment, they may be agitating the nervous system. A chiropractic adjustment will move the vertebrae back into position and help your nervous system heal. It will allow the nerves to send signals without interference.

Your chiropractor may also talk to you about things like your diet and other exercises you may be able to do in order to improve your vertigo. Sometimes, vertigo can be worsened with certain foods or drinks.

Your Chiropractor Takes A Whole Body Approach

Vertigo is unpleasant, painful, and disruptive. Your Greenville SC chiropractor will take a full-body approach to address your pain and manage your vertigo both today and in the long term. They will discuss your symptoms with you, the time of day they occur, and work to find strategies to keep vertigo from disrupting your daily life.

Are you experiencing vertigo? Contact LaBelle Chiropractic Center today for help.



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