Tired of Your Headaches in Greenville SC?

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Finding the cause of headaches and migraines is often an elimination process. This can be so frustrating that many people simply give up, but if you’re experiencing regular headaches, you should know there are options still out there for finding relief. Your team at LaBelle Chiropractic Center has put together the following helpful information to show you how chiropractic care in Greenville SC may be a great option for you.

The Connection Between Your Neck and Your Headaches

Your spinal column has 24 vertebrae. These are small interlocking bones that protect your spinal column. Of these vertebrae, eight of them are in the neck. This is a small area with many vital parts. Around these interlocking pieces are a lot of important nerves, which send signals down to the rest of your body and up into your head.

It doesn’t take much for one of these bones to slip a little out of alignment. This can happen in an accident during athletics, or it can happen from holding your neck in the same position while reading on your phone. Daily activities put stress on your neck, and eventually, something may slip out of place.

When this happens, it may press on one of the nerves. This sends pain signals to other parts of your body, like your head. It also disrupts important signals, which can cause problems like tingling or weakness.

Visiting A Chiropractor In Greenville SC For Headache and Migraine Relief

Your chiropractor may not be the first place you think to visit when you’re experiencing head pain. After all, chiropractors are for problems with your back, right? This is a common misunderstanding, and in fact, chiropractors see people with headaches and migraines every day.

Your first visit will begin with a conversation about what you’ve been experiencing. They will ask what you’ve tried so far for your pain and what you’ve been experiencing. Is there a common time of day this happens? What are your routines and habits? Some of the common causes of headaches and migraines are actually everyday activities. Even the way you sleep could be the cause or a contributing factor.

Once your chiropractor has heard what you’ve been experiencing, they will perform chiropractic care. This involves non-invasive techniques to help your body find its natural alignment. Depending on what types of headaches or migraines you’ve been experiencing, this may involve spinal manipulation.

For example, if you’re experiencing headaches clustered around your eyes, you may have issues with eye strain. Your chiropractor will talk to you about lifestyle habits that may help with this. Some of those suggestions may include taking frequent breaks from staring at a computer screen, visiting an eye doctor, and wearing sunglasses when you’re outside. They will also perform spinal manipulation with a focus on the upper cervical spine (your neck).

There are many possible causes of headaches and migraines. Some common causes include certain foods, poor posture, eye strain, sinus headaches, and subluxations (misalignments of the spinal column). While it’s not often that a doctor can look at you and say for certain what the cause is, the more a healthcare professional knows about your condition, the more they can work with you to eliminate possible causes.

Your Greenville SC chiropractor will work with you to find care for your headaches and migraines that offer relief. They will also work with you to find tips and tricks that work in your daily life to naturally minimize your symptoms.



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