Chiropractic Care Can Help Shoulder Pain in Greenville SC

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Your shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in your body. Experiencing shoulder pain in Greenville SC every time you move can be debilitating. Chiropractic care at LaBelle Chiropractic Center is one way to go after the real source of the pain and begin to heal.

Symptoms Of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain in itself is a symptom, but it can mean a lot of other issues arise as well. Your shoulder joint has a lot of mobility. With pain there, the joint may be experiencing inflammation, you can have muscle spasms, weakness in the arm, or a tingling numbness. This is all in addition to the regular shoulder pain you may be experiencing.

Diagnosing Your Shoulder Pain in Greenville SC

What’s the first step in addressing your shoulder pain after you’ve found a great chiropractor in Greenville SC? Diagnosing what’s causing it. This is more than just knowing that it started after your accident on your bicycle, though that is helpful information. This is about taking a closer look at what inside of your body isn’t functioning properly. What parts of your shoulder are not in the best place?

Depending on your pain, your chiropractor may require a CT scan or MRI to get a closer look. While they may be able to diagnose the problem through a physical exam and with a detailed history, imaging sometimes offers vital information.

The physical exam from your chiropractor may be more thorough than you’re expecting. If your shoulder hurts, why are they examining your neck and then your entire spinal column? Why are they testing your arm? While you may only feel symptoms in one place, you may have issues elsewhere. It can also be the case that by hurting one part of your body and moving in new ways to adjust to that, other injuries occur. With a thorough exam and understanding of your health, your chiropractor can provide the best care possible.

Once your chiropractor is clear on what’s happening with your health and how it’s affecting your day-to-day, they can work on a care plan.

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic care is different from visiting a doctor in that surgery or medications aren’t going to be the suggested resolution for your shoulder pain. Medications are to help you numb the pain and get through the day, while you hope the shoulder pain resolves itself. Surgery is an invasive and painful resolution that makes many people nervous.

Chiropractic care at LaBelle Chiropractic Center for shoulder pain is a non-invasive strategy for healing what’s wrong. It starts with a diagnosis and moves on to righting the issue for both short-term and long-term relief.

Your care will involve checking and correcting your natural alignment to address the joint. This will offer some immediate pain relief. When your joints are in their natural position, you’ll have improved mobility. With the bones no longer irritating the surrounding nerves by being in places they shouldn’t be, your nerves can begin healing.

Many wonder how long it will take for their shoulder to fully heal. This will depend on your specific injury. Your chiropractor will work with you to create a care plan that will include ideas for a timeline of your healing journey.

They will also offer you at-home tips for how to hold your body during the day and exercises you might do to improve the healing process.



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