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Dr. Shawn LaBelle grew up in Orlando and attended chiropractic college in Atlanta. He fell in love with the area while there and knew he wanted to practice in the south. He and his wife, Karen, decided to drive and find where their new home would be. When they arrived in Greenville SC, they knew: this was it.

Since 1989, LaBelle Chiropractic Center has been a part of their beautiful community. We were originally located in another facility but soon needed more space to accommodate our chiropractic patients in Greenville SC. We’ve been at our current location for more than 20 years.

Improving Your Structure and Function in Greenville SC

Dr. LaBelle’s analytical mind led him to start out studying engineering. It wasn’t long, however, before he realized that his chiropractor had helped with so much more than relieving his pain after a back injury. It was seeing improvement in his overall function that made him want to become a chiropractor. In his practice, he uses techniques that will look at your structure with the aim of enhancing the way your body works.

Find a Better Way to Live

One of our more memorable patient successes was a man who was referred in by another patient. He had twisted his body in a strange way while working, which involved maintaining aquariums. He couldn’t stand, walk or do anything without excruciating pain. Within a few days, he had some pain relief. A few weeks after that, he could function better. After a couple of months of care, he was out paddleboarding and working again, able to maintain his quality of life without resorting to surgery.

Getting to the Heart of Your Concerns

Every new patient at our office has an extremely thorough evaluation to determine what the source of your problem is. We pinpoint the root so that we can effectively resolve your particular issue. We’ll keep what brought you to us as the focus of your care, ensuring that we reach your particular goals and that you’re involved each step of the way.

Use Your Insurance Coverage

We’re in-network providers with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare. Contact our chiropractic care center today to schedule your appointment!



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