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If you know or suspect you have sciatica, a Greenville SC chiropractor can help you with diagnosis and care.

The Trouble With Sciatica - Symptoms and Causes

What does sciatica feel like? Well, it’s caused by a problem with the sciatic nerve. This is the longest nerve in the body. It travels down the back of both legs, under the feet, and across the lower back. When something bothers this nerve, like a herniated disc, spinal misalignment, or other irritation, sciatica pain can happen. This is a common problem during pregnancy when the body is going through so many changes.

The symptoms may be in both legs, though they are commonly only in one. It may be felt in the lower back. The pain may also feel like burning, tingling, numbness, or weakness. It can be in the foot, or not. It often gets worse when sitting down. Sciatica can make it difficult to stand back up again.

While the symptoms and causes of the condition vary from person to person, a qualified healthcare professional, like a chiropractor, will be able to perform an exam and diagnose the problem.

Sciatica is painful. It also makes it difficult to move and get through the day. While sometimes people can take prescription drugs to minimize the pain, this doesn’t resolve the problem causing the issue.

Chiropractic care at LaBelle Chiropractic Center is a strong way to care for sciatica for longer-lasting results.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica in Greenville SC

Chiropractic care is drug-free and gentle. They are a safe and natural way to ease the body back into alignment.

Once your Greenville SC chiropractor diagnoses the problem, they will be able to perform chiropractic care to provide some immediate relief. Chiropractic care is gentle, drug-free, and natural. Your chiropractor will likely perform a spinal manipulation, which means they will work to effectively align the vertebrae in your spinal column. When your vertebrae move back into position, they will no longer be compressing or irritating the sciatic nerve.

After your care, your chiropractor will discuss long-term options with you. For example, they may recommend ice therapy. This will reduce inflammation and can help with the pain. Based on your diagnosis, they will be able to tell you where to ice to help the pain. This can be confusing before talking to the chiropractor since the pain is up and down your whole leg, but when you know that it’s caused by a specific issue in your lower back, you’ll gain more insight into where cold therapy will be useful for your pain.

There may also be exercises you can do at home that will relieve some of the pressure on the sciatic nerve by releasing tension from your muscles. While many exercises may make the pain worse, your chiropractor can give you guidance on how to move without causing more pain.

For some, sciatica may be a brief experience. This depends on the cause of the pain. If the situation is ongoing, it may require a long-term care plan. Your chiropractor will be able to work with you to create a solution so you don’t have to live with the pain day to day.

Tips for Preventing Sciatica Pain

Once you have some relief from the symptoms, you may want to know how to avoid having that happen ever again! Sometimes, this just happens to people. There are tips your chiropractor can suggest for preventing the problem in the future.

Exercise your core muscles. You may wonder what your core has to do with this. A strong core supports your spinal column. This helps keep it in its natural alignment.

Increase your exercise. This may be difficult with sciatica, so if you’re experiencing ongoing symptoms, talk to your chiropractor about the best ways for you to move. Increasing your exercise levels is one of the best ways to relieve sciatica and prevent it. Flexibility training, through an activity like yoga, can be particularly helpful.

Practice good posture. This is something else you can discuss with your chiropractor. Of course, this means sitting up straight. Depending on your habits, it may also mean changing your sleep position, strengthening your core, or getting a new desk chair.

Take frequent breaks while working. You don’t want to sit in the same position for hours at a time. If you can, set a timer so that every hour, you take a few minutes for a break. This break can just be standing from your chair and stretching your arms. If you’re working on improving your posture, this is also a good reminder to adjust how you’re sitting when you come back to work.

Visit your chiropractor in Greenville SC as soon as the pain starts. Don’t let the pain go on and hope that it goes away. By visiting a trusted chiropractic clinic as soon as the pain begins, you can avoid further irritation to the nerve and possible worsening of the condition. It’s often easier to care for sciatica if it’s handled as soon as possible.

Talk to Your Chiropractor About Your Sciatica Symptoms

Do you have more questions? Your chiropractor at LaBelle Chiropractic Center can offer more tips. Work with a chiropractor you trust to answer your questions and guide you on your health and wellness journey. There’s no need to be alone with your sciatica pain, there are solutions and help out there.



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